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Comment combiner deux graphiques en utilisant R

Quand nous utilisons le logiciel R, c’est très facile de générer un graphique avec la fonction plot(). Mais, quelquefois, nous voulons présenter deux graphiques (ou même quatre) qui montrent des situations différentes, pour les comparer.

Pour combiner plusieurs de graphique, nous modifierons la fonction par(), laquelle donne la possibilité de changer les paramètres du graphique, comme des marges, la distance entre les éléments et les numéros de graphique.

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Comparing number of users in social medias

Everyone uses them. I don’t deny it, but I use them myself. Facebook, twitter, instagram and many others. There are even people who earn money using them.

However, there is a huge amount of BS published every day in these social medias and if we stop to think, why is everyone wasting their time reading and watching them?

Why not learn a new language? Or learn how to code? Or even how to cook? There are many websites where you can master those topics and we don’t see many people using them.

So, let’s code a bit with R and see if these difference is huge or is just my mind complaining about too many kittens videos on YouTube.

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5 commands you should know in ArcGIS

Nowadays, it is so easy to use maps and geography can be loved by everyone (almost everyone…).

The easy access to these tools draws attention of new professionals eager to learn and use them. However, when we start learning something, we can trip on some obstacles. So we decide to write some commands and tips you should know when starting using ArcGIS that can improve your maps and save some time.

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5 books you should read before you are 30

I always enjoyed creating lists. Games that I want to play. To do lists. Books I already read and I want to read. The last, I used Skoob to keep my reading records, I registered many books and wrote some reviews.

However, as time goes by, I had to prioritize other things and I never returned there.
Even though my Skoob profile is outdated, I still buy many books. Obviously. Some of these books have changed the way I think and then I decided to share them with you.

(If you are older than 30 years, there is no problem; it is never too late to change).

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Les Couleurs des Sols

Les couleurs des sols sont trop utilisées pour leur classification et description et elles sont décrites par le système de couleur créée par Albert H. Munsell.

Les horizons des sols sont séparés par leur couleur. Généralment, les horizons les plus noirs se trouvent au-dessus des autres et au-dessous, on pouvait trouver des différents matériels. Ses différents matériels se décomposent et créent des différents sols.

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