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No one predicts the future – Neither investment experts (III)

Finally, we reached the third and last part of the book review “I will teach you to be rich” – Have a good read. [Part 1] [Part 2].

Wine and Finance experts

Another interesting part of the book is when Ramit Sethi compares the so-called investment experts with wine tasters – none of them know what they’re doing!

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Personal Budgets Do not Work! (II)

Planning is not only for projects and careers, it should also be applied in our personal finances. I will continue here the review of the book “I will teach you to be rich” of the author Ramit Sethi (Ramit’s Site). Have a good read – and if you have not seen the previous text, click here.

Planning Your Financial Life

After you’ve adjusted your personal finances, Ramit Sethi provides tips to continuously improve it. He devotes one of his chapters to conscious consumption (we’re not talking about solid waste here) and demonstrates why having a budget does not work.

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Can a Book Make You Rich? (I)

Managing works and projects is the daily task of every engineer. Although we also deal with costs in this management, we often do not apply such knowledge in our personal financial management. In that sense, there are several books on the subject, and one of them is “I will teach you to be rich” of the author Ramit Sethi (you can visit his website clicking here).

Ramit Sethi began by investing his first salary from his scholarship into stocks… resulting in his first loss (he lost half of his investment). That way, he realized that he could not simply invest, he would have to understand how the system works.

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A Little About Cooking Oil

Cooking oils are present in most Brazilian households. In some,  they‘re used for seasoning, in others for frying, but their final destination is usually the same: the drain or the garbage.  Most people are unaware that vegetable oil can cause a large amount of damage to the environment when discarded incorrectly.

Oils and fats can be of animal or vegetable origin and are, by definition, insoluble substances; that is, they do not mix with water. Vegetable oil, which is the basis of most cooking oil, can be obtained from various plants or seeds, such as buriti, castor bean, soybean, canola, sunflower, corn, etc. Continue reading “A Little About Cooking Oil”

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À propos de l’huile de cuisson

lls sont présents dans la plupart des foyers brésiliens, certains servent à tempérer, d’autres à fouetter, mais leur destination finale est généralement la même: l’évier ou la poubelle. Les huiles végétales, bien que beaucoup ne le savent pas, sont à l’origine de grands dommages sur l’environnement lorsqu’elles sont disposées de manière inappropriée.

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