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No one predicts the future – Neither investment experts (III)

Finally, we reached the third and last part of the book review “I will teach you to be rich” – Have a good read. [Part 1] [Part 2].

Wine and Finance experts

Another interesting part of the book is when Ramit Sethi compares the so-called investment experts with wine tasters – none of them know what they’re doing!

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Est-ce qu’un livre peut vous rendre riche?

Mener des projets et la carrière c’est une tâche quotidienne des ingénieurs. Même si nous utilisons très souvent des outils de finances, nous ne les profitons pas dans nos finances personnelles. De cette façon, il y a beaucoup de livres qui parlent de ce sujet et j’ecriverai ici sur un qui j’ai lu – Le livre “I will teach you to be rich” (“Je vais vous apprendre à être riche”) du auteur Ramit Sethi.

Ramit Sethi a commencé sur le monde des investissement avec son première salaire de sa bourse d’étude. Il l’a perdu moitié, donc il a noté qu’il ne pouvait pas seulement investir, il devrait comprendre bien le système.

Il est diplômé en Stanford, et quand il étudiait psychologie et comportement humain, il a aperçu que les conseils donnes pour les experts ne marchaient pas et même les experts ne le suivaient pas. Alors, il a groupé ces connaissances et il a publié le livre dont nous parlerons ici (vous pouvez visiter son site web aussi, cliquez ici).

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Comment combiner deux graphiques en utilisant R

Quand nous utilisons le logiciel R, c’est très facile de générer un graphique avec la fonction plot(). Mais, quelquefois, nous voulons présenter deux graphiques (ou même quatre) qui montrent des situations différentes, pour les comparer.

Pour combiner plusieurs de graphique, nous modifierons la fonction par(), laquelle donne la possibilité de changer les paramètres du graphique, comme des marges, la distance entre les éléments et les numéros de graphique.

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Personal Budgets Do not Work! (II)

Planning is not only for projects and careers, it should also be applied in our personal finances. I will continue here the review of the book “I will teach you to be rich” of the author Ramit Sethi (Ramit’s Site). Have a good read – and if you have not seen the previous text, click here.

Planning Your Financial Life

After you’ve adjusted your personal finances, Ramit Sethi provides tips to continuously improve it. He devotes one of his chapters to conscious consumption (we’re not talking about solid waste here) and demonstrates why having a budget does not work.

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Can a Book Make You Rich? (I)

Managing works and projects is the daily task of every engineer. Although we also deal with costs in this management, we often do not apply such knowledge in our personal financial management. In that sense, there are several books on the subject, and one of them is “I will teach you to be rich” of the author Ramit Sethi (you can visit his website clicking here).

Ramit Sethi began by investing his first salary from his scholarship into stocks… resulting in his first loss (he lost half of his investment). That way, he realized that he could not simply invest, he would have to understand how the system works.

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Comparing number of users in social medias

Everyone uses them. I don’t deny it, but I use them myself. Facebook, twitter, instagram and many others. There are even people who earn money using them.

However, there is a huge amount of BS published every day in these social medias and if we stop to think, why is everyone wasting their time reading and watching them?

Why not learn a new language? Or learn how to code? Or even how to cook? There are many websites where you can master those topics and we don’t see many people using them.

So, let’s code a bit with R and see if these difference is huge or is just my mind complaining about too many kittens videos on YouTube.

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5 commands you should know in ArcGIS

Nowadays, it is so easy to use maps and geography can be loved by everyone (almost everyone…).

The easy access to these tools draws attention of new professionals eager to learn and use them. However, when we start learning something, we can trip on some obstacles. So we decide to write some commands and tips you should know when starting using ArcGIS that can improve your maps and save some time.

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